Drug viagra, Exciter male, is among the top three products for men, along with viagra and levitra, helps address the disorders of erectile function and improves potency, quality medication viagra buy in Moscow was made possible through the Internet pharmacy.

At the beginning of the second millennium, two powerful American pharmaceutical concern Eli Lilly and Company and ICOS Corporation have joined their efforts in search of a means to improve the sexual function of men, and invented a pill to improve potency.

Eli Lilly and Company Corporation is a world leader in the latest medical developments in the field of health. Availability of research laboratories in different parts of the world, enables it to tightly cooperate with different academic clinics.

The main activity of the pharmaceutical concern ICOS-development of advanced therapeutic products based on proteins and simple molecular compounds. Pharmaceutical company engaged in the production of drugs for health, with the latest technology in the field of molecular chemistry, biochemistry and other nano technology.

The two most powerful pharmaceutical concern coalesced by applying scientific development, production facilities, modern equipment and modern technologies in order to invent the causative agent for men. And they succeeded! Common efforts was invented by a drug called tadafil, which positively influence on sexual function of men, but buy tadalafil until it was unreal.

American men in male pathogens added to improve the potency pill as a completely new tool. And what happened to the Europeans? As any commercial offer, which invested large sums of money, needed a market for tadafila, and the European part of the globe was a tidbit for advance preparation.

Exciter for men, having passed all the necessary clinical trials, and confirming their right “to life,” the European Union has opened up a gate of the European market. But, appearing in 2003 year in pharmacies, drug got another name. Now it was called viagra, and it was touted as tabs, but shorter commencing an action on the organism, the Europeans got the opportunity to buy tadalafil.

In addition to Europe under this name appeared in Australian and New Zealand drug pharmacies. Europeans among the lucky ones and the first new drug testers have become men of Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Finland. Within four months of Exciter for men spread on the territory of other countries.

President of the European Division of Eli Lilly and Company Corporation r. Pilnik, in his statement, noted that the output of viagra with American territory was one of the main events of the past few years for a pharmaceutical concern, Lilly ICOS, and millions of European men receive the pathogen of male and the opportunity to make your sex life normal and fulfilling.

Echoes him ceo, ICOS p. Clark, expressing the view of the company’s management, that for men suffering a violation of erectile function, viagra could fundamentally solve the problem as pathogen male.